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Welcome Note and Registration

Ways To WOW


Good morning everyone! I'd like to welcome you to the course Ways To Wow.


My own journey as an artist forces me to come to grips with the issues discussed in this course. In designing the course my hope is that you will reap these benefits as well. 


I will post new material on the Voila! Homepage every Sunday for the next six months. This material includes a Reflection, Assignments and a Showcase of images illustrating the course material. Always read the entire course material before doing the assignments.


1) To register with the course, you need to be a member of Voila! Logging in means you can participate fully in the course discussions. However, non members will be able to view the course topics, assignments and the image you post in the Photo Gallery. Joining is easy and free.


2) In your profile, mention that you are taking the course by saying “I am taking the Ways To Wow course - 2013". To do this, follow the instructions posted in the article: "Website Functions: Change your profile description


3) Then click on the Forums and introduce yourself. If you want, write a little bit about where you are at in your personal creative journey and what you are expecting from the course. Sharing your own experience will help others and this is an important part of the course. But please only write down what you are comfortable sharing with others.


Here's the link:


To access the material from prior weeks, click on "Creativity Courses", on the navigational menu, then click on "Ways To Wow".

Week17: Reflection

Making Progress

Over the next few weeks we are going to develop our project pieces. From now on, there will be no new course material to distract you Smile!


No matter what stage you are at, continue to work on your piece and post progress. From time to time, I will feature certain projects in the Showcase as I am doing this week.


Please, continue to discuss your projects as you've done so far. Use the following link to do so:

Website Functions

To change the description in your Profile:

  • Login

  • Click on "My Profile" in the top right corner of any screen

  • Click on "Edit Profile"

  • Enter or change your description.

To upload images in the Photo Gallery - including your Baseline:

  • Login;

  • Go to "My E-Studio" and click on "Upload Photos"

  • Using the "Browse" function, locate a picture on your disk drive, then click on "Upload File"

  • Make sure to enter a Title

  • Keep your images to less than 1000 x 1000 pixels, otherwise you might encounter posting problems

  • Make sure your image shows up in the Box titled "Photo Gallery" on the Homepage.

To participate in the discussions:

  • Login;
  • Click on Forums.
Current Material

Ways To Wow


The Results


Course Showcase

The Results


The pieces below were made by participants during the course.



Michele Norine - Roller Coaster Bangle



Maria Petkova -



Sonya Girodon - untitled



Sonya Girodon - Neptune



SusanN - Transcend



Michele Mokele - untitled



Somima - small brooch



Irene Corman - untitled



SandySewin - Friends



Penelly - untitled


Page - Clinging To Life





Sonya Girodon - Bubbles



Irene Corman - untitled



Liliya Tapponier - Wave necklace



Liliya Tapponier - Sea necklace



YoungCreative - Owl Shadow Box


Ways To Wow - Course Programme
Module 1: Herding our creative cats Starts


How artists convey emotion

May 5
The many faces of emotion
May 12

Module 2: How do I liberate my imagination through Technique?
Deepening Technique
May 19
Week4 In the Studio - 1
May 26
Week5 Technique Fusion
June 2
Week6 In The Studio - 2
June 9

Module 3: How do I understand my Design preferences and capitalise on them?



June 16



June 23



June 29

Contrast, Emphasis and Unity


July 5

Module 4: Construction and Prototyping



July 14
Week12 Drawing July 21
Weeks13 -14
Prototyping -1 July 28

Module 5: How do I ensure I work to a highest standard of execution?
Quality Worksheet
Aug 11

Module 6: Making the Piece Aug/Sept
Week20-23 In the Studio
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