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The Polymer Arts Article




Wondering if this course is for you? Five alumni share their experience of the courses in the Fall Issue of The Polymer Arts.  You will find the article under the title: Lessons in Creativity. A year of exploration with Voila! It provides 5 pages of gorgeous works, and the journeys behind them.

New Creativity Course in 2015

New Creativity Course

Planned for 2015


Polymer Clay is exploding. New markets are joining, bringing with them rich cultural sensibilities. Quality, diversity and quantity are evident of the works being posted everyday on the Net. This is exciting and inspiring; but is it not also creating much distraction? Do I still have something of value to contribute?


If you are asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I go about making a personally defining piece?

  • how do I make the techniques I use more distinctive and personal?

  • why is Design confusing me?

  • how do I decide what to make?

  • how do I overcome my fear of failure?

Then this course will help you:

  • identify options for your next big piece,

  • liberate your imagination through technique

  • understand your Design preferences and capitalise on them

  • committing to a piece, working from your strengths

  • ensure you execute your piece to your highest standards of execution.

To register your interest in this course email me.

Course Testimonials

Course Testimonials

The WoW is right here! IC


I have learned so much with this class. Christine is an amazing teacher and all of you are so thoughtful and kind. SN


My hope was to find "my own" style - and this is what I found with your help Christine, and with the support of this lovely bunch of artists here. S


I have just been taking another and closer look at all the work produced in the course. What I am struck by is how the medium of polymer clay has been used by all of you in a way that goes beyond the techniques. IC


The most important thing is how much I've learned about working through the creative process in this course.


I'm just a beginner in the world of clay,  but I'm really happy that I participated in this course, it changed not only my way of making clay pieces, the way to imagine, to construct, to choose the colors and EMOTIONS, but also the way to exploring and understanding the work of other artists. A huge amount of information and EMOTIONS!  I definitely will be going back and study again and again the course materials! Thank you Christine! Your help was inestimable! LT


It was a real opportunity to study on this course at the beginning of my journey with clay and the honor to be in the company of enthusiastic artists. We can find a lot of tutorials in the internet, but this course is a totally different kind of education - it is an inspiration. ST


Thank you Christine, really thank you for your generosity, sharing, commitment, your comments and your incitement, you really are a special person and although I've never met you, shines out of your way to respond and have passion for help others to pull out something from them. M


Just wanted to share this new thing I've discovered about working with polymer clay through this course:  Before I would jump from one necklace to another, from one style to another, constantly looking for techniques I have not yet tried etc etc.  Now I take my time to really explore one style, or technique or colour (for the moment it's white )and try all possible combinations with it.  This way I learn more about the specific style, technique or colour than if I were just greedily hurrying from one necklace to the next like in the past.  I understand now that what I did before, by hurrying from one extreme to the next, I could never get down to the base of an idea, could never really get my teeth into it, never exploit it completely and thus never getting the full essence out of it.  I am so glad that I discovered this new way of working. SG


New Registrations

I will be upgrading the website in anticipation for the new course. To facilitate this I am suspending new registrations until further notice. Therefore the "JOIN NOW" feature is disabled. Thank you for your understanding.

Eurosynergy 2



Photo by Moyan Brenn


The IPCA Board is delighted to announce that EuroSynergy2 will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, in Spring 2016 and Petra Nemravova will be the Conference Chair. This is giving you plenty of time to save up! Hope to see you there!


Online Course

 Hollow Beads Online Course


by Christine Dumont


Due to popular demand the course is extended until further notice!


Click here more info.

The Polymer Arts

From Polymer to Art

Travel the World - In Polymer Clay


Polymer artists are connected like never before. As the acclaimed curator of the popular blog PolymerClayDaily, Cynthia Tinapple brings together 115 diverse artists from around the world to showcase the work of this new international community. Polymer Clay Global Perspectives invites you to explore the trends and cutting-edge styles that are influencing the future of this medium. Available from Amazon.